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  • Lambert Engineering helping our school

    Tue 14 Nov 2017 Ruth Griffin
    Lambert Engineering in Tadcaster has helped pupils in Jupiter class with their phonics by providing whisper phones.  Read how these very simple tubes allow the children to listen to their own voice as they practice reading. 
  • Academisation

    Fri 03 Nov 2017 D Bedford

    The governors of our school are pleased to announce that on 1st November they resolved to begin the process to convert to academy status with EBOR Multi Academy Trust. We are looking forward to the opportunities this will bring, building on all the things that are great about our school and further improving our children's education and opportunities in the future.


    The following letter was sent out to parents on 2nd November 2017.


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Following a thorough academisation consultation period, we are writing to advise you that the Full Governing Body met last night and made the decision that Tadcaster East Primary would formally move towards academisation and join the Ebor Academy Trust.

    Our school will now submit our application for an Academy Order from the Department of Education, which officially starts the process to convert. We will have further information on timescales in the near future however we are working towards a completion date of around the end of the summer term 2018.

    We would like to thank everyone for their input during the consultation period. Governors took time to consider the views of some members of our school community opposed to the proposal and those in support. We concluded, on balance and with the best interests of the school and its children at heart, that we will proceed with our application. We are satisfied that Ebor's ethos and values closely match our own and following rigorous scrutiny, we are satisfied their systems and processes will contribute to improving our school yet further. Importantly, we will continue to enjoy the control we currently exercise and there will be no changes to the leadership of the school or our teachers. Instead, teaching and learning will be enhanced through collaboration with Ebor.

    On the school's website we have posted all feedback and comments received during the consultation period which helped governors make this decision. We have redacted personal details as this information is now in the public domain. What we are unable to evidence, however, are the results of many hours' research spread over the past 18 months by our governors which included visits to Ebor schools and conversations with their staff and their governors. If you wish to see the questions taken during the consultation period, and their answers, please visit our website,

    We will of course keep you updated on the developments as and when they happen and all Academy information will be published on the school’s website for reference.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Vicki Marsden & Mrs Nicola Sawyer

    Co Chairs of Governors


    Wed 18 Oct 2017 Ruth Griffin

    On 31st October our cook, Mandy, is going to do a Halloween themed menu which is:-


    Ghostly Pizza


    Vegetable sticks

    followed by Scary Buns


    Thursday 2nd of November will now be Cottage Pie, Cabbage and Carrots and bread followed by surprise cake and chocolate sauce.


    On 6th November to celebrate Bonfire Night the menu will be:-


    Hot Dogs 


    Vegetable sticks

    Ginger bread Guy Fawkes 


    Wed 04 Oct 2017

    The governing body are extending the Academy consultation period for a further two weeks, to ensure all of our stakeholders have sufficient time to reflect on the information provided at the recent information session /drop in sessions before submitting their comments. The revised deadline for responses to the academy consultation is Friday 20th October 2017.


    We would strongly encourage all parents and other stakeholders to respond to the consultation with their views. As with any consultation proposal, there will be a wide range of views and opinions on the proposal and the governing body is very keen to ensure that all views and comments are presented for consideration at the extraordinary governing body meeting being held on Wednesday 1st November 2017, before a decision is made.


    Responses can be sent to the following email address: Alternatively, there is a comments box in the school reception area.


    Mon 18 Sep 2017 D BEDFORD

    Are you looking for wrap around care for your child while they attends our nursery?

    If so follow this link to see what WHARFE BRIDGE DAY NURSERY can offer you.



    They also offer breakfast club and after school care.

  • Information regarding our academisation consulation

    Thu 07 Sep 2017 D Bedford

    As you will know from the news, education in this country is changing. The government is promoting an academisation agenda that allows greater freedoms for schools. The government believes such a policy gives governors and headteachers greater opportunities to provide an excellent education for children.

    Two thirds of all secondary schools in England are now academies and more than twenty per cent of primary schools have also converted to academy status and this number is growing rapidly.

    Some schools are converting to academy status and then joining forces with like-minded schools so as to gain greater freedom to choose how we use our funding and resources, design our curriculum and make choices that will directly benefit our children and the wider community. In addition, by joining together with other like-minded schools to form a Multi Academy Trust or MAT, each school can benefit from being stronger together whilst retaining its own leadership and day to day decision making.

    Following a governors’ meeting in July, we are today launching a consultation period to explore the possibility of converting to academy status. This does not mean to say we will become an academy, it is simply to commit to exploring the options and seeing if this move is right for us – our staff, our children and our community.

    To do nothing would be an option, but in these changing times, with less support from the local authority because of cost savings imposed from central government, it is not perhaps a realistic option if we want to continue to look at ways to improve our school.

    During this consultation period, senior staff and governors will arrange formal meetings and drop-in events to discuss the principle of becoming an academy with parents, carers and staff. There will be every opportunity for everyone’s views to be heard and questions answered, before governors make the final decision. There is a lot of work to do and we will keep you informed at every stage.

    Should we decide to academise, we are looking at joining forces with Ebor Academy Trust, a York-based Multi Academy Trust currently comprising eleven schools currently (with an additional six due to convert during the Autumn term) with schools across York and North and West Yorkshire and the East Riding. In early, informal talks with Ebor who have plans to grow their Trust, we have discovered they share our values and ethos and we believe their policy of putting the child at the centre of everything that they do and aspire to do makes them potentially, an ideal partner. Should we decide to academise and join them, they would handle core business activities such as payroll, HR and site management, leaving teaching and learning – our real passions – to us.

    We have copies available of a school report from Ebor that will help you understand more about the organisation that we may eventually join and why they appear such a good “fit” for Tadcaster East Community Primary School. These are available from reception.

    We know that the prospect of change can be worrying for many people but we want to reassure you that no decision will be taken before governors are completely satisfied they are in possession of all the information they need, including considering feedback from this comprehensive consultation with all our stakeholders. We welcome your views, comments and contributions about supporting the best way forward for our school.

    An information sheet is attached with more details and a timeline of consultation activities, together with some frequently asked questions and answers. Our website also has this information and any further questions and answers, as they come up, will be posted online.

    We do hope you are able to attend at least one of our consultation events.

  • Awards Ceremony at Tadcaster East.

    Tue 25 Jul 2017 Ruth Griffin

    There were plenty of awards for not only doing excellent school work but also for artwork, sport, logo design, swimming and gardening.  There were also some fun awards too.


    There were 4 additional awards for recognising a "Class Star".  This is attributed to a person who is helpful, nice to others and is a good representative of the values of this school.   

  • Goodbye to our Year 6 Leavers

    Thu 20 Jul 2017 Ruth Griffin

    Another year has flown and it is time to say goodbye and good luck to our year 6 children who will be moving on to Tadcaster Grammar School.     We wish them well and hope that they have a great summer and be ready for starting the new school term at Tadcaster Grammar School.   We sent a picture to the papers and believe that it appeared in the Wetherby News. 

  • Great to see the pond area being used

    Fri 14 Jul 2017 Ruth Griffin

    Just had to put these photographs on to show how the children are really enjoying the tyres.   The pond area is largely finished and now needs to mature and the pond to clear but the children are really enjoying the area so far.   


    With particular thanks to Greggs and Northern Gas who kindly provided funding and additional thanks to the following:

















  • Parentpay

    Thu 13 Jul 2017 Ruth Griffin

    As you know, we are introducing Parentpay to school.  This is an online payment system whereby you can pay for dinners and trips in a secure way.  A letter has gone out to parents explaining this in more detail and providing you with a username and password to enable you to get started.      Once you have logged on you will see the dinner system and a few afterschool clubs listed.


    How the dinner system will work is fairly simple and will not change much for children.  Children will tell the teachers on a daily basis whether they are having a dinner (as they do now) so that a register can be taken.   The parentpay system will be updated once per week as to how many dinners have been taken. Money which will have been put on the account by you will then be deducted.    This means that you can either pay weekly for your dinners or you can pay a larger sum on a monthly or even termly basis.


    Try and keep a check on how much credit is on your account but I will notify you if you have gone over on your account.